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about us


MelaninYoga is a contemporary Afroconcious  lifestyle brand; fusing our ancient culture with

the experience of todays’ Africa and its diaspora.

Our unique fusion of iconic black symbolism, innovative technology and our focus on both physical & spiritual alignment is being created

to empower your journey to wellbeing.


To expand awareness of the true purpose of yoga (union/oneness) a scientifically proven

Ancient Kemetic holistic practice 

Shim Shim is founder and Creative Director of MelaninYoga living and cultivating a movement towards healthier culturally specific choices for the mind-body and spirit. 

Enlightening Inspiring and Motivating you towards

a more conscious way of living.




As these platforms continually develop we will  be introducing other aspects of MelaninYoga 

MYRetreats and MYEvents timeless virtual and physical spaces where we can gather to share and experience MYLove

in peace and harmony 


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